Social Work

Anurakshan Gruha

Our NGO is recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra for Anurakhshan Gruha. In Anurakshan Gruha the underage children with criminal background would allow to stay. We are having intake capacity of fifty students presently. Because of deficiency of funds we are unable to run the scheme smoothly and also it would not possible for us to increase the assimilative capacity. We plan to increase the number of beneficiaries.

Plan of work

Building Rent Building rent including Electric bill, corporation tax, water bill, Building maintenance etc.

Lodging and Boarding

Bedding, matting, luggage storage, cots, Fans, Almirahs, Study tables, chairs, well furnished rooms, etc.

Technical Training Programs

After leaving the Anurakshan Gruha every individual should live the healthy and wealthy life. Accordingly we plan the Technical Educational programs for these children's when they are in Anurakshan Gruha.

Balsangopan Scheme

We also have permission of Balsangopan scheme under which we adopt the children at the age of six year and provide them all the basic facilities including lodging, Boarding and schooling up to the age of 18 years. We want to adapt more children under this scheme. For this we need financial assistance.

Plan Of Work

Lodging, Boarding and Education Bedding, Matting, fans, Almirahs, Study tables, Chairs, night dress, Blankets, cocking materials and educational expenses etc.

Ujjwala Scheme

J. P. Educational Social Tribal Research Development Mandal also having the permission from government to run the scheme name "Ujjwala". In this scheme we are providing all sort of assistance to needy women's. Under this scheme we are also run the awareness programs for women's for the betterment of their lives. For smooth running and dispersing the scheme in entire region we need a strong financial support.

Plan Of Work

1. Seminars for women's

2. Guidance/awareness campaign for "Mahila Bachat Gat" groups

3. Experts from respective fields